» U.S. Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship
Apr 29, 2010

Amman, April, 2010 

Thirteen Jordanian participants are scheduled to depart for Washington, D.C. in coming days to participate in the April 26-27 Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, hosted by the U.S. departments of State and Commerce.  The summit was announced during President Obama’s June 4, 2009 speech to the Muslim world in Cairo.  It underscores the President’s commitment to pursuing a more comprehensive engagement with Muslim-majority countries and Muslim communities around the world. 

The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship will highlight the importance of entrepreneurship, job creation and community development.  It will bring together approximately 250 successful entrepreneurs from more than fifty countries; identify ways to advance economic and social entrepreneurship; build networks among stakeholders in entrepreneurship; and provide an opportunity to establish partnerships that advance entrepreneurship. The Summit emphasizes the President’s broader aims of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic opportunity at home and abroad.  In addition to remarks by President Obama, the Summit will consist of several moderated plenary sessions on key issues and challenges for advancing entrepreneurship, including: technology and innovation, access to capital, unleashing women and youth entrepreneurship, mentoring and networking, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, promoting and enabling business, and social entrepreneurship.

The eleven Jordanian delegates are:  Rami Al-Karmi, CEO CDI Arabic Region (SHABAKAT); Tamara Abdel Jaber, co-founder and an executive board member at Palma; Dr. Wissam Rabadi, Executive Director of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation; Iman Mutlaq, Owner & CEO of SIGMA Investments; Anas  Rimawi, Managing Partner – Catalyst Private Equity (Cleantech); Samih Toukan, CEO Jabber Internet Group; Mansour Mansour, the Founder and CEO of Javna Wireless Software Solutions; Munqeth Mehyer, Chairman and Jordanian Director of EcoPeace/ Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME); Reem Bsaiso, CEO of World Links Arab Region and World Links International; Salah El Tayeh, CEO of Terra Vertis; Mohammed Khawaja, Executive Director of Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship; and Omar Hamarneh,  Chief Executive Officer of El Hassan Science City.

Additionally, serving as panelists at the summit are Jordanian participants Soraya Salti, senior vice-president Middle East and North Africa Injaz Al Arab and Fadi Ghandour, founder and CEO, ARAMEX International.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing cost-sharing support to participants for travel. Supporting entrepreneurship is a vital part of USAID’s Economic Growth assistance program, which includes initiatives in microfinance, home-based businesses, support to NGOs, exchange programs, skills and workforce development, and policy work to strengthen the enabling environment of SMEs. USAID’s programs place particular emphasis on increasing opportunities for women and youth.


U.S. Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship