» Jordanian Entrepreneur Promotes Future Leadership
Apr 30, 2010

Washington, April 28th 2010

The 2009 Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit included some of the world’s top business and government leaders to discuss the event’s theme: Betting on the Future.

Jordan’s Tamara Abdel-Jaber joined former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, billionaire investor Warren Buffet, Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz and Xerox chief executive Ursula Burns at the three-day event held in San Diego, California.

For her part at the summit, Abdel-Jaber participated in the panel titled “Global Connections: Extraordinary Mentees Help us Navigate the Developing World.” The panel addressed challenges faced by leaders and entrepreneurs in developing countries, especially women.

It turns out that Abdel-Jaber is well-qualified to speak on such a panel.

Abdel-Jaber is a co-founder and an executive board member of business and information technology consulting firm Palma. She oversees strategy, corporate governance, performance management and business development.

The Obama administration invited Abdel-Jaber to attend the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington April 26–27 in recognition of her role in sparking business innovation in Jordan.

Founded in 1997, Amman-based Palma delivers strategic management business consulting services to large and medium organizations in Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Sudan and Qatar. Palma continues to see major growth in its long-term relationships with worldwide companies IDS Scheer, Oracle and SAP.

With more than 10 years of experience in leading an entrepreneurial start-up in Jordan, Abdel-Jaber added a lot to the Fortune panel.

“Ms. Abdel-Jaber emphasized that investors should do their homework in terms of understanding the local culture, history, customs and religion, to realize successful investment,” said an Institute of Management Consultants and Trainers (IMC) press release about Abdel-Jaber’s panel contribution.

Abdel-Jaber is an elected member of the Jordan-based IMC, an organization dedicated to upgrading management consulting and training.

Leading up to the Fortune summit, Abdel-Jaber took part in the 2009 Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership. The annual program gathered 32 young women from 23 developing countries to shadow American women leaders.

Abdel-Jaber is active in empowering future generations of Arabs and Jordanians.

As a member of Young Arab Leaders, Abdel-Jaber is helping to promote a more positive future for the region. Young Arab Leaders is a Dubai-based organization with a mandate to spread dynamic leadership values and foster future Arab leaders to contribute to regional development.

Abdel-Jaber is also empowering women business professionals as a member of Amman’s Business and Professional Women’s Association.

Abdel-Jaber played a role in founding Palma Academy in 2005. The academy works with business leaders to offer certification programs in project management, business process re-engineering and the Six Sigma management strategy.

“We are building this academy because we care about our clients’ success and we listen to them,” Abdel-Jaber told AMEInfo.com.


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Jordanian Entrepreneur Promotes Future Leadership