» "Palma among the 30 fastest growing Jordanian companies"
Jun 6, 2011

Amman, May 22nd 2011

In an attempt to outline the region’s entrepreneurial businesses, the international AllWord Network ranked Palma amongst the 30 fastest growing Jordanian companies.

Founded in 1997, Palma was ranked 10th due to its sound financial performance and the growth rates the company achieved during the last 3 years, in addition to their work methodology and constant endeavor to make available the best international consulting methodologies and practices for customers in MENA.

In his comment, Chairman of the board, Mr. Khaled Kilani said, “We consider this selection a crowning achievement for our successful history in the consulting and training sector especially that it came subsequent to Tamara Abdel Jaber, Palma’s co-founder and executive board member, being chosen amongst the 100 most powerful Arab women in 2011 by Arabian Business magazine.”

He added, “This sequence of accomplishments reflects Palma’s strength and distinguished leadership. It confirms its healthy work methodology, ideas, and its team’s capabilities in consulting, who are doing their best effort to elevate the company to the regional status it deserves.

From her side, Tamara commented on Palma being chosen as one of the fastest growing companies in Jordan, “Being part of the prestigious Jordan Fast Growth 30 is tantamount to an international certificate for Palma’s capabilities, achievements and dedication towards its customers. . We are proud of this certificate, its substance, and all its positive connotations, and we will always endeavor in Palma to advance the presence of Jordanian consulting firms in the region.”

She added, “Palma managed, via its vast expertise and network, to serve many of the region’s sectors. Palma’s scientific methods, international work standards, and applications ability to meet customers’ needs were the leading reasons for this success,” pointing to various vital projects that Palma executed during the last few years in the Banking & Finance, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Government, and Telecommunication sectors.

Abdel-Jaber illustrated that Palma’s selection amongst the 30 fastest growing Jordanian companies nominates Palma for the 500 fastest growing Arab companies list.

Noting that the 500 fastest growing Arab companies aims at doubling the economic value of these companies in the next 5 years to create more job opportunities and establish innovative companies with creative ideas that can compete on a global scale.

MENA is the second region in the world, after the USA, to have this program implemented. AllWorld Network is applying international standards in the process of evaluating these winners. Companies in the lists are expected to be the center of attention of the entire world, as well as attracting investments, expertise, and growth opportunities; what AllWorld network named “Visible Economy”.