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As a leading regional business and IT consulting firm, Palma Consulting has a broad range of capabilities and expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) in major industries. We enable organizations through the design of smart operating models, we transform policies and procedures into effective business processes, and we build internal BPM centers of excellence through international BPM Governance concepts.


In Business Process Management assignments, we work with COOs and CIOs and support their agenda and concerns with topics that encompass operational excellence, change management and more. We have the passion to help clients solve business problems, transform their operations and support them through implementation.
We provide practical yet powerful process solutions.

Service overview

In today’s market of increased global competition, improving the execution of key operating models, business processes and organization structures and designs is critical to organizational survival and competitive advantage. You need to react ever faster to changing market conditions and requirement both in the management sphere and within your operational divisions. Assessing and understanding your operational efficiency is therefore critical.


While networks connect companies, people and data around the globe, processes have become more complex. We help you design the right business model, engineer and redesign effective business processes and structures, and measure your key performance indicators (KPIs) in live business processes, making performance management an
objective decision-making aid that will allow you to identify and implement improvement potential, and design your requirements for process execution and automation, as well as assess the success of your strategy execution. Calculating your process and service costs through economic challenges has become ever more important. Using the concepts of Activity-Based Costing, we help you focus your cost optimization efforts and create cost transparency for your operations, services and processes.


To ensure the sustainability of Business Process Management, a BPM Governance framework is critical. This comprises defining roles and responsibilities within the BPM organization, creating BPM reporting, and establishing a continuous process management lifecycle.


Such assignments must involve Change Management. As a team – including client representatives – we consider the successes and resistances within the change process and plan appropriate interventions. Together we create the high acceptance needed to implement our solutions quickly – and sustainably.

Benefits to our clients

Through our Business Process Management services, we help you:


  • Increase the transparency of your company-wide processes and organization structures.
  • Discover weak points and bottlenecks and eliminate non-value adding elements.
  • Select the best-practice processes through benchmarking and comparing process alternatives.
  • Preserve your process knowledge and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Realize efficient design and implementation of IT architectures.
  • Enable smart process automation and execution.
  • Design and implement your IT architectures efficiently.
  • Ensure that your Business and IT departments speak ONE language.
  • Enable your compliance with international standards and quality awards.
  • Reduce the costs of your processes and services.
  • Optimize your resource management to increase efficiency and productivity and focus resources on the creation of customer value.
  • Maintain process quality through efficient change management, even with frequent changes, to enable process agility and quicken response time.
  • Build internal capabilities through knowledge transfer and BPM governance.


In summary, we help you improve your performance.

Business Process Management