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As a leading regional business and IT consulting firm, Palma Consulting has a broad range of capabilities and expertise including the Design and Management of Enterprise Architectures (EA). We enable organizations through the design of smart practices, standards, tools and processes, and we build internal EA centers of excellence through international EA Governance concepts and frameworks.


In Enterprise Architecture Management assignments, we work with CIOs and their teams and support their agenda and concerns with topics that encompass IT operational excellence, change management and more. We have the passion to help clients solve business problems, transform their operations and support them through implementation.
We provide practical yet powerful Enterprise Architecture solutions.
Service overview
The absence of Enterprise Architecture Management in an organization can present some of the following risks and challenges:
  • Inability of the IT organization to rapidly respond to challenges driven by business changes
  • Lack of focus and understanding of the organization’s business requirements 
  • Lack of common direction and synergies between business and IT
  • Incomplete visibility of the current and future target enterprise architecture vision 
  • Inability to predict impacts of future changes in technology
  • Increased gaps and conflicts between business and IT
  • Rigidity, redundancy and lack of scalability and flexibility in the deployed IT solutions 
  • Lack of integration, compatibility and interoperability between software applications 
  • Complex, fragile and costly interfaces between incongruent software applications 
  • Piece-meal and ad hoc software development driven by a tactical and reactive approach
An Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization.
Just as architecture provides a blueprint for constructing a building, Enterprise Architecture provides a blueprint and roadmap for aligning business strategy with IT. 
The aim of our Enterprise Architecture Management services is to help you determine how your organization can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives.
Our Enterprise Architecture Management services provide a guide to direct the evolution and transformation of enterprises with technology; organizations can better manage change and the transition to the target operating environment.
Enterprise Architecture Management provides the basis from which data, organizational accountability, technology capabilities and detailed processes can be developed within a consistent, reusable framework. Enterprise Architecture has become a MUST for managing today’s increasingly complex business environment. If it is successfully defined, implemented and followed, EA should deliver a simple set of benefits - better, faster and cheaper. However, this is a long term proposition that requires time and effort, and we are here to help.
Benefits to our clients
Through our Enterprise Architecture Management services, we help you achieve:
  • A more efficient IT operation.
  • Better return on existing IT investment and reduced risk for future IT investment.
  • Faster, simpler and cost-effective IT procurement.
  • Increased flexibility for business growth and restructuring.
  • Faster time-to-market for new IT products or even operational innovations.
  • Reduced business risk associated with IT.
  • Bridging of the business strategy and IT implementation gap.
  • Documented, visualized, structured, linked and traced data in order to produce reports of managed information.
  • Measuring IT Performance through definition of IT-Strategy-driven Key Performance Indicators.
  • Aligned and governed business, application, information and technology infrastructure teams.
  • More pertinent and relevant solutions for the business.
In summary, we help you improve your performance.
Enterprise Architecture Management