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Building on our many years of successful engagements in the field of Strategy Design and Execution using the Balanced Scorecard concepts and methodologies, we enable organizations through the design of effective strategies, strategy maps, strategic objectives and key performance indicators. We transform your organization through designing strategy execution frameworks and roadmaps.


In Strategy Design and Execution assignments, we work with CEOs and Strategy Directors and support their agenda and concerns with topics that encompass strategy excellence, strategy execution, change management, smart technology investment and more. We have the passion to help clients solve business problems, transform their operations and support them through implementation.

We provide practical yet powerful process solutions.


Service overview


The magic word in strategic management today is differentiation. You must always be able to make your company stand out from competition. However, just how difficult it can be to actually do this in practice can be seen in a current study undertaken by our strategic partner – Horváth & Partners. According to the study, over 70% of companies actually pursue similar, or indeed very similar, strategies compared to their competitors. The key to success lies in subjecting your strategies to close scrutiny – day in, day out – as trying to take on your competitors with an outdated business model is a recipe for disaster.

We provide our clients with all the tools necessary for successful strategy development and execution. You can benefit from all the features which have made us successful in the field of strategy implementation: competence, pragmatism and a focus on implementation.

Strategic planning is more than putting words on a document, it is a process. It is important for organizations to periodically undertake this process, and to implement the results, to ensure effectiveness and sustainability in the long term.

We will work with your company to:
• Create comprehensible descriptions of your strategies, strategic objectives, 

  business models, and tactics.
• Use strategy maps and analyze critical success factors to plan your business

  transformation initiatives.
• Create a control cycle from strategy to processes back to strategy with proven

  management tools.


Benefits to our clients


Through our Strategy Design and Execution services, we help you:

  • Analyze market conditions to identify and avoid risks and threats as well as exploit opportunities.
  • Identify critical success factors, and select the right strategic direction for your company to pursue.
  • Make the connection between your strategy and your business processes.
  • Ensure the consistent execution of your corporate strategy.
  • Establish cause and effect relationships between your strategic objectives and create strategy maps.
  • Communicate your corporate strategy, goals and initiatives.
  • Assign clear responsibilities for strategy execution.
  • Understand which goals are not achieved for what reasons.


In summary, we help you improve your business and ensure you realize your competitive advantage.

Strategy Design and Execution