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Over the many years of service and proven sucess stories, Palma Consulting has aquired the necessary skills and expertise in the field of designing of key performance indicators, performance management systems and management dashboards using international concepts and methodologies. Through the design of KPIs and performance cockpits, we empower organizations and ensure the transparency of their performance on strategic, operational and tactical levels.


In Process Performance Management assignments, we work with CEOs and Strategy Directors and support their agenda and concerns with topics that encompass business excellence, performance management, balanced scorecards and more.
We provide practical yet powerful process solutions.


Service overview


You need to react ever faster to changing market conditions and requirements-both in the management sphere and within your operational divisions. Assessing and understanding your operational efficiency is therefore critical. We help
you design and measure your key performance indicators (KPIs) in live business processes, making performance management an objective decision-making aid that will allow you to identify and implement improvement potentials, as well as assess the success of your strategy and balanced scorecard execution.

Palma Consulting's Performance Management solutions can help organizations dramatically improve their ability to organize, integrate and analyze a wide range of financial, operational, competitor and marketplace information to deliver sustainable high performance.

We believe that an integrated approach to performance management, aligned to the corporate strategy, can drive sustainable high performance by focusing on, and managing, current and future value. Traditional performance management systems focus on lagging Indicators, current value and tangible assets. Many executives are dis-satised with this approach, as it does not reinforce strategy or drive the creation of value. Managing for shareholder
value is always a difficult combination of managing today's performance versus tomorrow's growth. This is where traditional measures of financial performance fall short of helping management teams predict and make decisions around managing future value.

The Performance Management practice at Palma Consulting focuses on helping clients address this dilemma. We believe that performance management capabilities should focus on current and future value of all assets, including intangibles, employing the use of an integrated solution.


Benefits to our clients


Palma Consulting's performance management services help clients align their investments and metrics to desired value outcomes. The result is a highly efficient and effective performance management framework that drives bottom-line results. We can help create and scale an integrated enterprise performance management capability using a tailored approach. We focus on identifying and sustaining value, using a flexible methodology.

This methodology tightly aligns internal financial performance measures with the corporate strategy.
Our performance management capabilities create value by improving our clients' ability to:

• Link metrics to the corporate strategy.

• Allocate resources more effectively .

• Easily access timely, high-quality information.

• Plan and forecast future results, and

• Make better decisions.

Process-Oriented Performance Management