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In Finance Excellence assignments, Palma Consulting adopts international Finance Excellence concepts and methodologies. We transform your organization through our finance excellence frameworks.


Through such assignments, we work with CFOs and Finance Directors and support their agenda and concerns with topics that encompass management reporting, steering logics, planning and budgeting, smart technology investment and more.


Service overview


Palma Consulting combines the expertise of engineers and business specialists. We provide consultancy services specialized in Performance Management and Control. At Palma Consulting, we develop solutions and motivate companies to compete in today’s global market.


We have a clear focus on the successful implementation of your strategies and offer a unique implementation power
for projects in the CFO area of responsibility. We can offer a full range of services which are unparalleled when it comes to questions of clear implementation of steering logics and management focus.

Key topics in this service area include:


Corporate Steering Logic.

  • Align steering roles and responsibilities with governance and business design throughout the global organization.
  • Make sure that group profit generation overrides interests of single units.
  • Ensure key performance indicators are aligned with the corporate strategy.

State-of-the-art Management Reporting.

  • Provide management with tailored steering information according to their different roles and responsibilities in the group (effective mix of financial and non-financial information).
  • Assure short-term availability of critical management information.
  • Deploy state-of-the-art technology and data  integration (e.g. Business Intelligence Solutions)

Advanced Planning and Budgeting.

  • Provide sufficient flexibility in the planning and budgeting system to be able to cope with uncertainty and volatility of economies and global markets.

Working Capital and Cash-Management.

  • Assure financial independence.
  • Reduce financial risks.

Controlling & Finance Organization.

  • Provide structures and processes that leverage above named topics.
  • Establish business partner role for effective management support.

Benefits to our clients


Palma Consulting has demonstrable breadth and depth in deploying Business Improvement and Excellence in the CFO organization. As a leading consultancy and training firm in the market, we will help you implement state-of-the-art management reporting concepts, corporate steering logics, and advanced planning and budgeting.


Palma Consulting is best placed to facilitate effective knowledge transfer to your business, while supporting and assisting key skills transfer to your staff. While we are focused on achieving a significant cost benefit and return on investment for our clients, we will always maintain a thoughtful and disciplined awareness of the risks and controls needed to manage our assignments successfully.

Finance Excellence