» E-Service Transformation

In E-Service Transformation assignments, we work with CIOs and IT Directors and support their agenda and concerns with topics that encompass e-Service governance, process re-design, change management, smart technology investment and more.


We enable organizations through the design of effective e-Service strategies and roadmaps, re-design of customer services and processes, and design of performance metrics and indicators. We help you identify the right technology you require for implementation and enable the transformation to e-Services.


We have the passion to help clients solve business problems, transform their operations and services and support them through implementation. We provide practical yet powerful process solutions.

Service overview


Our E-Service Governance and Design services include:

  • Develop and support e-Service strategies.
  • Define roadmaps for your e-Service initiatives.
  • Define the e-Service high-level business blueprints required for e-Service implementation projects.
  • Perform detailed business process analysis and redesign of the services to be offered on-line, as well as in other access and delivery channels.
  • Introduce necessary organizational, business and technology changes for the institution under study.
  • Set e-Service Key Performance Indicators across all entities involved in the e-Service.
  • Offer necessary training for target e-Service delivery employees and transfer the knowledge at different levels in order to ensure proper service provision and to increase productivity and proficiency.
  • Develop e-Service implementation plans, assist our clients in selecting the right e-Service technology providers, supervise and quality assure their implementation activities to ensure that the e-Service designs are put into proper implementation.
  • Develop e-Service Governance Models that explain the operational and administrative relationships; the developed e-Service ownership, roles of entities involved in e-Service delivery, how the relationship between the principal service provider and the involved entities should be governed to ensure the service is provided in accordance with the performance indicators, what each entity will provide to the other and how that will be governed.
  • Create awareness and promote e-Service concepts.


Benefits to our clients


At Palma Consulting we define roadmaps for your e-Service initiatives, we design the high level frameworks needed (business definition), and create implementation plans. Additionally, we assist you in selecting the suitable implementers and supervise their work, to ensure that the designs are put into proper implementation.

We assist our clients to enhance the performance of their business in terms of service provision, efficiency, accuracy, time and cost effectiveness, transparency, customer-centricity, customer satisfaction, cross-organizational integration, and the way your business is perceived by your customers and partners.

E-Service Transformation