IBM® Rational® Focal Point™ provides market - and business-driven product and portfolio management - helping executives and teams to make the right decisions to deliver business, customer and market value. 

IBM® Rational® System Architect® enables organizations to plan, control, streamline -- and innovate. Drive better-informed decisions and deliver innovation your customers demand with enterprise architecture solutions from IBM.
At Palma Consulting, we help you strategize, execute, and manage change with IBM Rational solutions.
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» Metasonic AG
Metasonic AG is offering a solution for dynamic BPM. It is based on the worldwide unique and patented subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM) methodology. Through its intuitive approach every user is enabled to continuously describe and execute their own processes and change them on the fly. Consequently, an organization is unbeatably agile and able to react quickly to changes. 
At Palma Consulting, we help you create process applications, make changes on the fly and execute them on your portal all in the blink of an eye.
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Metasonic AG
» Software AG
Software AG is a global leader in Business Process Excellence. Their more than 40 years of innovation include the invention of the first high-performance transactional database, Adabas; the first business process analysis platform, ARIS; and the first B2B server and SOA-based integration platform, webMethods.
At Palma Consulting, we help you improve your processes and increase visibility through our ARIS Platform expertise.
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Software AG